How an EPoS System Changed the Restaurant Industry

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Eating out in a restaurant is supposed to be an enjoyable affair. The food you eat should be better than anything you could cook at home, the service is supposed to be friendly and reliable and the whole event should be a pleasure. Most people however have experienced a restaurant visit from hell at some point where your orders have been mixed up, the food quality has been sickening and the staff were so rude you considered asking them for money instead of paying the bill.

Well now all that has changed with the implementation of EPoS System technology in the restaurant and catering industry. An EPoS terminal in a restaurant or fast food outlet is much more advanced than those you might find in small scale retailers. They allow front of house staff to communicate effectively with those in the kitchen, they can track orders, and stock can be managed.

One of the best ways in which restaurant service has been improved with EPoS systems is through the use of wireless terminals which are connected to the kitchen. The waiter can take a table’s order and this will automatically be sent to a printer in the kitchen. This can cut out a lot of confusion over handwriting and lost tickets as they be easily reprinted.

An EPoS system is not only useful in the restaurant business as it speeds up payment transactions in any environment. However this can particularly helpful in places where food is served as there are often people waiting for tables, or the diners need to get back to the office after a quick business lunch.

Fast food restaurants have benefitted from EPoS systems immeasurably, especially those which have a drive-through. The in-store personnel can communicate with the customers through a headset or wireless terminal outside the restaurant and the orders can be made through a till at an order window. That order can then be transferred and paid for at yet another point of sale terminal. All of this makes the work of the restaurant easier and speeds up the whole experience for the customer, which is what fast-food was designed for after all.

For these reasons and others the EPoS system has become irreplaceable in the restaurant industry and advances are being introduced to the technology all the time to keep service and organisation quick and smooth.


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